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Yoo Hoo Darling!

Simone Butterfly: Fabulous, Freelance, Fashion Investigator is a fictional character created by Fashion Attorney Mariessa Terrell in 2003.  

Simone Butterfly first made her appearance as a pseudonym for Mariessa when she was a fashion columnist for the Afro American Newspaper, Washington Informer and Washington's Finest (2003-2006). Simone reappeared when Mariessa began writing a delightful bi-monthly fashion blog entitled Yoo Hoo Darling featured on Fox 5 WTTG and Social Sightings (2007-2011) and (2006-present). From 2012 to 2014, Simone began making regular appearances as a DC fashion sleuth featured in a monthly fashion column published in the Midcity Newspaper.  From 2016-2017, Simone made her TV debut when she appeared alongside Mariessa in the 12 episode DCN series, Simone Butterfly Fashion Investigator.  

Today, Simone Butterfly lives a lush life in a series of Yoo Hoo Darling blog posts, loosely based on short stories by Langston Hughes featuring the "every man" Jesse B. Semple.  Simone Butterfly Fabulous Freelance Fashion Investigator is truly Mariessa Terrell's most intimate and trusted friend.  Visit Simone Butterfly HERE.